Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Proposal by Parents

According to my mom, things to prepare are as follow.
1. Necklace
2. Various fruits in a basket.
3. Ang pao for me =P

Mom said more things to be prepared for Sangjit.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Proposal

It’s Saturday, 14 July 2007 @ 8.55 pm, at Singapore River.

Permen and coklat were enjoying the scenery when suddenly coklat whispered at permen, “Do you want to spend the rest of my life with me? Will you marry me?” Permen was so surprised until coklat asked for a few times. No proposal ring, no kneel down, that’s why permen thought coklat was just joking. After a few times, permen said “Iya deh.“ After that, coklat take out the box from his bag and presented the box to permen. Permen took out the box and found another little box inside and there’s a ring there. Permen tried it and it a big too big, so she put it in her middle finger. She said to coklat “Thank you.”

After a while, coklat asked something else regarding the ring which made permen suspicious there’s something fishy about the proposal or the ring. After that, coklat asked permen to guess the price of the ring. Permen said 2 dollars. And there it is. The proposal diamond ring was fake -_-“. So coklat right! Finally coklat opened another box which contained the real ring inside. It was really beautiful. The diamond was so sparkling. Thanks coklat for your effort finding the best ring for me.

Coklat and permen chitchatted for a while. How coklat had planned the proposal, the 2 dollar ring, the timing and the place. Coklat also told permen that he had told his friends about the planned proposal (also about the 2 dollar ring). Actually coklat wanted to book a cafĂ© for us. But we ended up eating at Ayam Penyet Bugis. Not a romantic place. That’s why coklat asked permen to take a walk at Singapore River. It was beautiful at night.

Then, we decided to go home and talking about the ring, talking about us. After I took a bath, coklat knelt down and asked permen once more about getting serious, to get everything ready and asked permen to spend the rest of her life with him. Coklat also put the ring in permen finger. Permen was so touched this time.

A commitment, a start to another journey =). Once again I said, thanks God I found you. =)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Movie 2007

  • Pirate Of Caribbean - 31 May 2007 @ GV Vivo City
  • Shrek 3 - 1 June 2007 @ GV Grand
  • Fantastic Four @ The Cathay
  • Ocean 13th @ GV Vivo City
  • Transformer - 8 July 2007 @ GV Vivo City
  • Counting ...

Friday, June 1, 2007

One day on May 2007

It's 19th May 2007. We watched Phantom of the Opera and we took some pictures in Esplanade and Fullerton One. After that we went to Bugis, went to Pipi's hotel and went back to our home =).

Phantom of the Opera

Finally on 19th May 2007, I watched Phantom of the Opera in Esplanade Theatre. The longest running show in Broadway.

In The Phantom of the Opera, a young singer, Christine, is charmed by a mysterious specter who haunts the Paris Opera house. Based on Gaston Leroux's famous novel, the musical's tale begins as unexplained accidents have been occurring throughout the Paris Opera, and the stuck-up diva, Carlotta, refuses to go on. Christine takes her place and is a triumph.

At her opening night, she meets her childhood friend, Raoul. Alone in her dressing room, she finally meets the Phantom who has taught her to sing so beautifully. Taking her to his lair in the misty catacombs beneath the Opera House, the Phantom declares his love for Christine, but she soon learns his terrible secret. The story moves from the Phantom's underground hideaway to the dizzying roof of the Opera House, as the Phantom and Raoul battle for Christine's love.

I've watched PotO in cinema before in 2004. It's a very good movie. The story line, the setting, the actresses and actor, the song, were all great. That's the reason I've really wanted to watch this show since I've seen the advertisement in Dec 2006.

The Show setting was amazing, it resembled the movie setting. The amazing part were when the lamp lifted up to the top of the opera and the water flowed and the candles moved when Phantom brought Christine to his place. The masquarade and the Don Juan drama. I loved it. A lot of things couldn't be described by words.

I loved it from the beginning to the end =).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

detektif mimpi buruk

For some reasons, permen managed to get hold of a pair of FREE tickets of 'Nightmare Detective', courtesy of My Paper, Singapore Press Holding.

So happily, cheerfully, rush-ly we watched the movie, on a rare Tuesday night, at GV Marina. The movie started at 7.15, that's why I mentioned rush-ly.

For your information, I have skipped the gym session, an extra time to study, for the coming exam on Thursday, as well as a house viewing session, for this so called Japanese thriller movie.

Prior to the movie, a guy, whom I guessed was from My Paper, gave some speech and some quizzes with some prizes. The guy spoke in Mandarin, which left us guessing what He was doing the whole time.

On contrary to our hope, well at least mine, the movie does not even close to what we / I expected to be. I think the last Japanese movies that we watched together, were Death Note 1 & 2, which is pretty much an imaginative movie, but still fare much better than this one. This one, the plot is ridiculous, the scene is murky and dark, there's too much uneccessary, erm, 'effects' and scene swapping, and worst, none of the actor is beautiful.

Luckily, there's always permen to save the day. Watching any movie with her was never boring, although I was so sad that I didn't get the chance to grab some cheesy nachos that I've been craving for since a few weeks back, but still, time is always worth spending, if you spend it with someone you love.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ulang Tahun permen yang ke 25

It's been 2 weeks since my birthday and I just have time to blog it now. I need to recall it now =P...

It's 12 o clock midnight... The moment I've become 25 years old! Coklat greeted me from the phone. After a while, another friend jidatz called me. Then he passed the phone to ahong. And I received a few sms after that, j, s and h. =)

Pagi2 benar, permen bangun dan berangkat ke kantor. Orang kantor ga tau hari ini hari ultah nya permen. Email, sms dan telp terus berbunyi pertanda teman2 permen yg memberikan selamat. Akhirnya orang kantor tau juga sih gara2 plyw melihat email permen yang ada ucapan selamatnya.

Permen menunggu2 bunga yg katanya sih sudah dijanjikan coklat. Penuh harap aka sebel sebab jarum pendek sudah melewati angka empat dan bunga tidak kunjung datang. Tak hanya itu, coklat pun sengaja tidak memberikan jawaban yg pasti ketika dihujani pertanyaan oleh permen. Jarum jam terus berputar... telp berdering, ternyata admin baru saja memberitahukan ada paket untuk permen. Was2 tak percaya permen pun mengambil paket itu... Ternyata bunga yang dijanjikan (secara tidak pasti =P) tiba juga.

Ternyata, alasan coklat terus bertanya apakah ada paket yg datang karena coklat baru menyadari nama yg dimasukin itu salah... *doenk... Tapi tidak apa-apa, bunga nya akhirnya tiba dengan selamat dan sangat manis dan indah sekali =D.

Akhirnya jam 6 pun tiba, waktu pulang kantor. Coklat menjemput dengan Mazda pinjemannya. Katanya coklat sih mau ke Fn terus pulang makan di hawker. Terus akhirnya parkir di Ritz Carlton. Kirain sih makan di sana, ternyata jalan terus, masuk ke Chjmes. Naek tangga, ga jelas, nyasar. Terus setelah bertanya pada pelayan di sana, tibalah kami di resto jap. Setting nya menarik sekali. Ada ruangan privat yang bisa diisi sekitar 10 orang.

Abis pesen makanan, potong kue, foto2 terus pulang de =) . Senangnya..... Makanannya lumayan enak, temen2 juga dateng buat rayain. Makasih buat Ali, Jane, Dapit, Aiz dan Aconk yang uda dateng. Makasih juga buat kado2nya. Dan yang paling penting, terima kasih buat coklat yg uda ngumpulin temen2 dan bikin rencana ini =).

Last but not least, thanks God for the wonderful life and another year that you have given me. =)